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What You Need to Know


- Cancer

- Glaucoma

- HIV positive status


- Hepatitis C

- Amyotophic lateral sclerosis

- Crohn's disease (including, but not limited to, ulcerative colitis)

- Agitation of Alzheimer's disease

- Cachexia/wasting syndrome

- Muscular dystrophy

- Severe fibromyalgia

- Spinal cord disease, including but not limited to arachnoiditis

- Tarlov cysts

- Hydromyelia

- Syringomyelia

- Rheumatoid arthritis

- Fibrous dysplasia

- Spinal cord injury

- Traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Arnold-Chiari malformation and Syringomyelia

- Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA)

- Parkinson's disease

- Tourette's syndrome

- Myoclonus

- Dystonia

- Reflext Sympathetic Dystrophy

- RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I)

- Causalgia

- CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type II)

- Neurofibromatosis

- Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

- Sjogren's syndrome

- Lupus

- Interstitial Cystitis

- Myasthenia Gravis

- Hydrocephalus

- Nail-patella syndrome

- Residual limb pain

- Seizures (including those characteristic of epilepsy)

- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

- Autism

- Chronic pain

- Irritable bowel syndrome

- Migraines

- Osteoarthritis

- Anorexia nervosa

- Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

- Neuro-Behcet's Autoimmune Disease

- Polycystic kidney disease

- Neuropathy

- Superior canal dehiscence syndrome

- Terminal illness with a diagnosis of six months or less, if the illness is not already a qualifying debilitating medical condition

Physician Certifications $225, Veterans $200.. IL now allowing Telemedicine during Covid 19 pandemic. Telemedicine $200 (live hippa compliant video)  

ILLINOIS Medical marijuana License Fees $100 for 1 year $200 for 2 Years $250 3 years. If you are a Veteran or if you Receive SSDI or SSI you get 50% off State fees.

If the qualifying patient submits an application for MCPP on-line before 6 PM CST, they can download their provisional (temporary) registration card the following day, after 8:30 AM. It is recommended the patient call their dispensary to verify their provisional registration card is active before driving to the dispensary location.


Q: What do I need to being in on my appointment.

A: Please bring your Drivers License, you need to provide at least one of these. Medical Records,  Prescription Record from your pharmacy or a Letter from your Doctor recommending Medical Cannabis for you as a treatment for your condition. If we need anything else we will contact your doctor while you are in the office.

Q: How do i contact IL Dept. of health 


by appointment only

2105 Vandalia St. Suite 11 Collinsville IL 62234